Welcome to our new online Christmas shop

All the items for sale are lovingly handmade by us in Northamptonshire using only locally or sustainably sourced materials we hope you like what we have for sale. As we make all our products ourselves we are able to offer a bespoke service so if you would like something making for you please do get in touch with us. If you would like to stock any of our items in your own shop we would love to hear from you to discuss your requirements contact us hear.

Wooden Snowman

£ 4.99 

These wooden snowman are lovingly handmade in Northamptonshire using locally sorced wood. Each snowman is individual and a one off due to the variations in the natural materials used. Each snowman is between 9-11cm tall each snowman is supplyed with raffia so you can hang him from your christmas tree. These snowman will make a great addition to any christmas tree or to give as a gift this christmas.

Price includes P&P to mainland UK addresses


Whole Orange Decoration

£ 6.99 

This lovely handmade in Northamptonshire whole orange decoration will be a lovely addition to your Christmas display. A whole odried orange is sat on cinniman sticks and surounded by beach masts hazel nuts and small cones and even smalls of christmas. Due to the natural materials used to make this display each decoration will be individual and vary slightly 7-8cm tall.

P&P included to UK mainland addresses+


Wooden Snowman Head

£ 1.99 

Lovingly handmade in Northamptonshire this lovely wooden tag snowman head decoration will be a great addition to your tree this christmas. 6cm tall supplied with raffier to help you hang it from your tree. Due to the natural materials used each tag is individual and will vary slightly.

price includes P&P to UK mainland addresses


Wooden Tags

£ 5.99 

These handmade wooden tags are made in Northamptonshire using locally sourced wood they make a great alternative to the traditional christmas tag. Due to the natural materials used each tag is individual and supplyed with raffia to attach it to your present.

Each pack contains 5 tags and includes P&P to mainland uk address.


Wooden Coasters

£ 7.49 

These coasters are handmade using recycled pallet wood saved from going to landfill in Northamptonshire and given a new lease of life in your home. Each coaster has been sanded down so they are a smooth as a babys bum and are supplyied in natural untreated wood. Due to the nature of using recycled materials each set of coasters is individual some still have the nail holes in which gives them lots of character. Each set of coasters is between 9-10cm square and has 4 felt circles underneath to prevent your coffee table from being scrached.

The price includes P&P to mainland UK Address.