When it comes to your business premises First impressions really do count, You could serve the best food in the UK. But if your carpark if full of litter and you have a couple of half dead hanging baskets or pots either side of the door then you will give the impression that you will not receive great service hear.

We can help you achieve a great welcome for your guests and customers that represents the high quality service that you are providing inside your premises.

Potager & Vegetable Gardens

There is nothing better than being able to serve your own fruit and vegetables produced only meters away from the kitchen door.Customers love to know where their food comes from especially in an age with increased food scares and customers wanting to know where there food has come from. What could be better than being able to tell your customers part of there meal was grown just outside the kitchen door.

We can help you produce a fantastic fruit, vegetable and herb garden how ever big or small an area you have to use.

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Hanging Baskets and Containers

There are not many Public houses or Hotels that don't have a hanging basket and container or two on there building. They give a cheerful welcome to your customers can be planted up in your corporate colours they are not just for summer you can have great winter and spring colour as well.

We can produce and install great hanging baskets and containers for you, also plant up your borders to give a really colourful welcome to your customers.

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Design & Consultation Services

We offer a wide range of Design & Consultancy services to suit your needs no mater how big or small your property is.