There is nothing better than a well designed and built garden but it can be a bit daunting if you have never done it before where do you start. This is where a good designer can help not only with ideas but also to save you time and money there are several stages to go through before we get to build your dream garden. I have laid out below the design process we need to go through to be able to build your garden all our designs are hand draw by us we never use CAD drawing so we give as much love to the drawings as we do to the finished garden.

Initial Consultation

We will visit your garden to meet you find out what you are wanting to get out of your garden what you want to use the space for. Also to see if what you want to achievable in the space you have is possible we will look at styles of gardens you like dislike and the same with colours. This is where we get to know you and get the information we need to design the garden of your dreams before we arrive have a think about what you want even have a family discussion so everyone has a say. Budget it is always better to be up front about what you want to spend from the beginning as what you want to achieve may not be possible with the budget you have.

Site Survey

This is when we come and measure up the boundaries of your garden, key features that you want to keep in the new garden levels etc. Take photographs identify any plants that you want to keep in the gardens aspect of the garden and a basic PH soil test.

Extra Services Available

Full soil test 
Survey of under ground cables, water, telephone etc.

Concept Design

Once we have collected the above information we are then able to put together an initial design for you these designs will not be to scale. But will show how your garden will look this will include photograph's of materials, plants and styles so you can get a feel of what the garden will look like. We will present this to you in person we can even mark out the garden with string and sticks so you can get an idea of what it will look like on the ground it is at this stage we can make changes to the design. 

Full Designs to scale Including Planting Plans

This is the finished design all drawn to scale ready to use it is also at this stage we are able to give you a more accurate estimate of build costs this also includes a full planting plan. 


This is the fun bit where your garden comes to life all the months of planning comes to fruition this can take from a week to several months depending on the size of your garden and how complex the design is.

Garden Makeover

This is an inexpensive way to improve your garden if your garden already has lots of plants and structure but has got a bit out of hand we can tame it and make it a bit more manageable for you to look after. Whether you want to add more colour to your garden or to give everything a good hair cut we can help you have a wonderful garden again. Please contact us for full details and arrange a visit.

Border Redesigns

Whether you are looking to rip everything out and start again or be more selective keeping the best plants we can design and plant a great border for you.