Carbon Gold Compost

February 10, 2013
There is one product that we are very excited about trialing this year and that is Carbon Gold compost.  This is an organic approved compost, it is a coir based compost with 15% GroChar  (Biochar + Mycorrhizal Fungi + Seaweed + Worm Casts) mixed in. It has received some fantastic results in trial's carried out last year increasing root growth and also cut down on the need for watering by 30% as well as vastly increasing growth. We will be trialing with several crops of veg as well as several flowers over the year, we will be using a standard multipurpose compost as a comparison. We will be making regular updates on the progress of the plants throughout the year. Read below for the full Carbon Gold 2012 trail report.


The Rain Keeps Falling

February 10, 2013
We will have to write this weekend off. First it was a good covering of snow, followed by continuous rain that does not want to stop. The ground is water logged again so digging did not take place but I did manage to get the seed box out and get it organized. 

I now have all the seeds organized in month order so at any month of the year i can go in the box and pull out what seeds are needed to be sown that month. It will also help knowing what space will be needed in advance as there is nothi...

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The start of a new growing season

February 8, 2013
The snow has finally gone although there is a possibility of some more this weekend although I feel it is more likely to fall as sleet. But on the plus side we have had some good bits of sunshine and even with the cold, things have began to grow. The snow drops seem to come out of nowhere from a bare bit of ground to a carpet of white.

They are so delicate and dainty yet tough as old boots we have had quite a few clumps come up along the wall line in the trial garden. Which is an added bonus a...

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January 13, 2013
We are now in the 3rd month of 2013 and the temperatures have dropped. It was -3 degrees this morning and it's set to get colder in the next couple of weeks. The trial garden started out life as a field and we are slowly clearing the land and digging it over. When you are faced with such a big task, it is better to do a little often rather than braking your back trying to do it all at once.

First bed dug over.

What is the purpose of the trial garden we receive details of many new variety's and...

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The Potting Shed UK This is a blog about our trial garden where we will be trialing lots of new products and seed/plant varieties this year. We will be giving regular up dates on their progress through out the growing season and giving our opinion on their progress as they grow or get used.
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