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We are now in the 3rd month of 2013 and the temperatures have dropped. It was -3 degrees this morning and it's set to get colder in the next couple of weeks. The trial garden started out life as a field and we are slowly clearing the land and digging it over. When you are faced with such a big task, it is better to do a little often rather than braking your back trying to do it all at once.

First bed dug over.

What is the purpose of the trial garden we receive details of many new variety's and products so there is better way to give an honest review of them than by growing and using them ourselves. So hence the birth of our trail garden one of the jobs we have got to get on with in the next couple of weeks besides all the digging is to put in some sort of hedge. What hedge to plant a standard thorn hedge would have fitted in well but not with what we are trying to achieve. One item we are going to use lots of in the garden is plant supports the cheapest way of doing this is by growing your own. So for one of the hedge's we are planting us a row of Hazel and Willow although it will take time before we can harvest any of the stakes it will save money in the long term. 7 years for the Hazel and then you can cut every 7 years cut from alternative plants and you should always have some to cut. Willow is much quicker 3 years before full size stakes are ready to harvest but then they will grow 6-8ft (180-240cm) tall every year so consent supply of stakes also great for weaving into baskets etc.


Our second hedge will be an edible hedge made up of Black, White & Red currents, Gooseberry's, Black berry's and many other types of soft fruit. It will make a good hedge very practical as well as all that free fruit i may even pop in a few apples and plums. Lets hope that the weather warms up a little to be able to crack on with all the work we have to do before the spring.

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The Potting Shed UK This is a blog about our trial garden where we will be trialing lots of new products and seed/plant varieties this year. We will be giving regular up dates on their progress through out the growing season and giving our opinion on their progress as they grow or get used.
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